More patients through appointment & scheduling.

Increase revenue through online appointments &
make 1-click reminders to reduce no-show patients.
RM 2,000
No setup fee.
Try now, no setup fee.

Your patient experience
will never be the same



Manual appointment

Online appointment

Double-booked due to human error

Auto-scheduling reduces error

No-show patients due to no reminder sent

Sent reminder with 1-click reminders

Manual follow up appointments

Easy-to-setup follow up appointments

Manual broadcast for promotion

Segment-based SMS & Email broadcast

Forget to ask for reviews

Google reviews to boost online trust.

Built for clinics

General Practice Clinics

Beauty Clinics

Dental Clinics

Specialist Clinics

Therapy Centre

How each 7 features
improve your business

Online Appointment Page

Generate more appointments by creating your own 24/7 online booking page. Streamline all your bookings and never worry about over bookings

Manage Appointment in one place

Whether you take bookings through Yezza’s online booking page, social media, WhatsApp, or even phone calls - everything can be managed in one place. No more human error & overbooking.

Patient Reminders

Increase retaining patients by sending 1-click appointment reminders

Patient Recalls

Re-schedule & get your patients back by sending them customisable recall messages for their missed appointments.

Patient Database

Own your patient database and create segments for a specific group of patients. Optimise your SMS & email promotion by targeting a specific patient profile for the campaign.


Get data & insights on sales performance, appointment pipeline & retention analytics.

Patient review (Coming soon)

Get more 5-star reviews to your Google Business page and boost google ranking & online trust.

Coming soon.
Clinics Management System. Complete.

Patient Management

Manage your patients end-to-end from front desk registration, queue management, EMR, dispensary, and billing.

Clinic Inventory Management System

Automate daily inventory count. Understand the health of your business. Detect profit leaks immediately. Minimise COGS & reduce Wastage.

Group Clinics Management System

Consolidate your patient database, reports and analytics across your clinic branches. Monitor all your clinics in one place.
Integration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration icon

Supercharge your scheduling with powerful integrations

We are integrated with popular apps like WhatsApp API, Google Calendar & Zapier. We are adding more apps to the list.


With the plans that fits your scale.

Yearly plan

RM 250 /month
Online appointment page
Manage appointment in one place
Patient Reminders
Patient Recalls
Patient Database
No setup fee
RM 2,000

Yearly plan

Special price
Online appointment page
Manage appointment in one place
Patient Reminders
Patient Recalls
Patient Database
No setup fee
RM 2,000


How Yezza make money?

We negotiate fee from our payment gateway provider.

How most campaign keep 100% of the donations?

You can transfer the processing fee to the donors. More than 95% of donors are willing to cover the fee for you, so you keep 100% of the donations.

What payment method do you support?

We support all local payment methods for Malaysia & Indonesia (online banking (FPX), cards & e-wallets)

Do you have recurring donation?

Yes! Now you can accept recurring donations.

Can we raise from other countries?

Yes, we do support cross-border donations using cards.

Can we convert & transfer database from other system?

Can we convert & transfer database from other system?

We already have a website. Can we integrate Yezza to our website?

Yes, you can embed Yezza donation page to your website by embed code or button. In fact, you can generate the QR Code & print it on your physical brochures.

Can the donors donate anonymously?

Can the donors donate anonymously?